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799,380 Km2


26.491 Millions

HDI Rank

185 (over 186 countries)

Capital City

Maputo (population 1.5 million 2012 estimate)

Demographic distribution

African 99.66% (Makhuwa, Tsonga, Lomwe, Sena, and others), Europeans 0.06%, Euro-Africans 0.2%, Indians 0.08%

Spoken languages

Portuguese (official), 16 African languages and respective dialects

Religious beliefs

Roman Catholic (30.3%), other Christian (including independent African churches 36%), Muslim (18%). Elements of indigenous religion are widespread.

Political regime

Frente de Libertação de Moçambique (Frelimo), Resistência Nacional de Moçambique (Renamo), Movimento Democratica de Mocambique (MDM)

Head of State

Armando Guebuza

Associations with International Organisations

Commonwealth; AU (African Union); SADC (Southern African Development Community); the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC); the Non-Aligned Movement; the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP); the Organisation of Portuguese-Speaking African Countries (PALOP); la Francophonie (as observer); and the Indian Ocean Rim-Association for Regional Cooperation (IOR-ARC).

Sources: Foreign & Commonwealth Office, The World Factbook

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