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26,340 Km2


10.865 Millions

HDI Rank

167 (over 186 countries)

Capital City

Kigali - population: 909,000(2009)

Demographic distribution

Hutu (Bantu) 84%, Tutsi (Hamitic) 15%, Twa (Pygmy) 1%

Spoken languages

Kinyarwanda (official), English (official), French (official), Kiswahili used in commercial centres and by the Army.

Religious beliefs

Roman Catholic 56.5%, Protestant 26%, Adventist 11.1%, Muslim 4.6%, indigenous beliefs 0.1%, none 1.7%

Political regime

Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF); Social Democratic Party (PSD); Liberal Party (PL); Centrist Democratic Party (PDC); Ideal Democratic Party (PDI); Rwandan Socialist Party (PSR) and Democratic Union of Rwandan People (UDPR); Congress Progressive Party (PPC), Solidarity and Progress Party (PSP), Social Party Imberakuri (PS - Imberakuri).

Head of State

Major General Paul Kagame

Associations with International Organisations

Commonwealth, NEPAD

Sources: Foreign & Commonwealth Office, The World Factbook

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